TOP 10 Series on Netflix


Finding the perfect show to binge watch on Netflix can be an overwhelming experience. With thousands of titles across every genre, how do you decide what to watch next? This list unveils the top 10 must-see series currently streaming on Netflix.

10. Stranger Things (2016 – Present)

Genres: Science fiction, horror, drama

Stranger Things takes viewers back to the 1980s with its story of a small town experiencing supernatural events. When Will Byers goes missing, his friends and family discover mysterious happenings and secret government experiments. With excellent writing and lovable characters, Stranger Things artfully combines drama, nostalgia, and horror. This Netflix original is a must-watch especially for fans of sci-fi and fantasy.

Why it stands out: Captivating storytelling, strong character development, full of pop culture Easter eggs

Good for: 1980s enthusiasts, sci-fi/fantasy fans

Add this addictive sci-fi horror series to your queue today or continue your binge of earlier seasons!

9. The Queen's Gambit (2020)

Genres: Drama, based on a book

A chess prodigy rises to fame in The Queen's Gambit, a dramatic limited series based on a 1983 novel. Set during the Cold War era, the show follows orphaned chess player Beth Harmon as she struggles with addiction while rising through the ranks of competitive chess. With beautiful visuals and an inspiring underdog story, The Queen's Gambit has captivated global audiences on Netflix.

Why it stands out: Compelling coming-of-age story, stunning visuals, Anya Taylor-Joy's breakout performance

Good for: Drama fans, chess enthusiasts

Don't miss out on this critically acclaimed limited series that had viewers everywhere falling in love with chess!

8. The Crown (2016 – Present)

Genres: Historical drama, biopic

This lavish drama chronicles Queen Elizabeth II's life and reign, giving an intimate look at the British royal family. Spanning decades, The Crown dramatizes events from Elizabeth's wedding in 1947 through modern times. With luxurious sets and costumes and an all-star cast, this acclaimed series brings history to life.

Why it stands out: Riveting acting, elegant production values, fascinating historical insights

Good for: Anglophiles, history buffs, drama fans

For an engrossing look at life inside Buckingham Palace, add The Crown to your royal watch list today!

7. Ozark (2017 – 2022)

Genres: Crime drama, thriller

Ozark follows a financial advisor who relocates his family to the Missouri Ozarks after a money laundering scheme goes awry. This gritty Netflix original keeps the suspense high as the Byrdes sink deeper into dangerous criminal enterprises. With strong performances and a riveting storyline, Ozark is a must-see for fans of complex antihero dramas.

Why it stands out: Jason Bateman's Emmy-winning performance, shocking narrative twists, high stakes

Good for: Crime thriller fans, drama lovers

Add this intense crime saga to your watchlist for dangerously bingeable entertainment!

6. The Last Kingdom (2015 – Present)

Genres: Historical fiction, action & adventure

Based on Bernard Cornwell's novels, The Last Kingdom dramatizes 9th century England during war between Saxons and Vikings. When Uhtred of Bebbanburg is captured by Vikings and raised as one of their own, he becomes a legendary warrior caught between two worlds. This epic historical drama blends action, politics, and colorful characters.

Why it stands out: Sweeping cinematography, fascinating history, Uhtred's legendary exploits

Good for: History buffs, action-adventure fans, Anglophiles

For a riveting look at England's formation out of warring kingdoms, add The Last Kingdom to your watchlist!

5. Bridgerton (2020 – Present)

Genres: Romance, historical drama, Regency era

This romantic period drama follows high society's Bridgerton family as their eldest daughter enters 19th century London's competitive marriage market. With gorgeous costumes and settings, plenty of scandalous secrets, and a diverse cast putting new twists on classic tropes, Bridgerton offers an indulgent viewing experience.

Why it stands out: Diverse casting, steamy romances, sharp wit, modern soundtrack

Good for: Romance lovers, period drama fans

Add this salacious series to your queue for a decadent escape back to Regency-era England!

4. The Witcher (2019 – Present)

Genres: Fantasy, action & adventure, drama

Based on a book series, The Witcher follows Geralt of Rivia, an enhanced monster hunter known as a "witcher" in a medieval fantasy world. With complex character development, monster-of-the-week adventures, and an engrossing overall arc, the show brings this beloved world to life.

Why it stands out: Henry Cavill's star performance, immersive fantasy worldbuilding, dark fairy tale vibe

Good for: Fantasy fans, gamers, action-adventure lovers

Join the legions of fans obsessed with this epic fantasy series – add The Witcher to your Netflix watchlist today!

3. Squid Game (2021 – Present)

Genres: Thriller, drama

The Korean thriller Squid Game took the world by storm with its twisted battle royale premise. Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children's games for a massive cash prize…but losing players get killed. As social commentary and bingeable drama, Squid Game keeps audiences hooked with suspense, plot twists, and intriguing characters.

Why it stands out: Unique premise, shocking narrative twists, viral sensation

Good for: Thriller fans, avid binge-watchers, Korean entertainment enthusiasts

Find out why this Korean thriller has captivated global audiences – add Squid Game to your queue today!

2. Peaky Blinders (2013 – Present)

Genres: Historical fiction, crime drama
Peaky Blinders transports viewers to 1919 Birmingham after World War 1 as it follows the Shelby crime family’s rise to prominence and power. The series opens with Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his gang dominating the city through their underground crime operation. Brutal and ambitious, the Shelbys exemplify the working class struggle to survive in post-war Britain. With stunning cinematography and production design, Peaky Blinders romanticizes the gangster lifestyle while creating a captivating portrait of a family’s pursuit of power over authorities and rival gangs.

Why it stands out: Cillian Murphy delivers an intense performance as Tommy Shelby, the calculating patriarch of the crime family. With its rock-and-roll attitude, the show takes an edgy approach to historical fiction. The series also deserves recognition for its stylish blend of period fashion that sparked new trends.

Who would enjoy: Fans of antihero stories, British gangster dramas, and early 20th century history. The show has a dark, gritty tone with rich characters.

Experience the thrilling rise of a crime empire looking to expand their reach after World War Welcome to the world of Peaky Blinders.

1. Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013)

Genres: Crime drama, thriller

Hailed as one of the best TV series ever made, Breaking Bad follows high school teacher Walter White's transformation into a ruthless drug kingpin. After a lung cancer diagnosis, Walt teams up with a former student to manufacture and sell meth, descending deeper into villainy for his family's financial security. With phenomenal acting, writing, and cinematography, this groundbreaking show is a must-watch.

Why it stands out: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul's Emmy-winning performances, morally complex storytelling, flawless execution

Good for: Crime drama fans, thriller aficionados, appreciators of TV masterpieces

Find out why critics and fans alike have crowned Breaking Bad as one of the greatest shows ever made – add it to your Netflix queue today!

More Great Shows on Netflix

Beyond this definitive top 10 list, Netflix offers acclaimed series across every genre imaginable. Critically praised dramas include The Last Dance, hilarious comedies like Schitt's Creek and Never Have I Ever, fascinating docuseries such as Tiger King, and engrossing sci-fi like Black Mirror.

With this expertly curated list, you are guaranteed to find your next bingeable favorite among Netflix’s top series. From the 1980s sci-fi thrills of Stranger Things to the historical drama of The Crown, these highest-rated shows offer thought-provoking stories, complex characters, and stellar production values. Sign up for our email newsletter or follow us on social media for more Netflix recommendations sent straight to your inbox! What show will you stream next?